else if (skillo<42){return "+15"} document.form1.illusion_list.options[x]=new Option(x); } return 0; document.form1.skillfocusknowledgearchitecture.checked=has_skillfocusknowledgearchitecture; else if (skillo<48){return 18} if (rayce==16){document.form1.race_portrait.src="sw_wookiee.jpg";} if (has_shaky==true){missile_attack-=4; } if (has_skillfocusbalance==true){SecondWindowDefinition+="Skill_Emphasis -- Balance\r"} has_skillfocuspilot=false; // if (){document.form1.skillfocusknowledgewildernesslore.checked=false;} document.form1.fear_list.options[0].selected=true; if ((scoutfeatentitlement>0)&(total_scout_feats=8){x=SkillPointsPerLevel(class_epic)+modifier_number(intelligence28); if (x<1){x=1; } total_skill_points+=x; } document.form1.knowledgebureaucracy_list.length=0; document.form1.knowledgebiology_list.options[0].selected=true; if (starwarsprestigeclassnumber==10) if ((small==false)&&(large==false)){armor_string+=" 16 kg. &&((cleric_levels + epic_cleric_levels==0)||(document.form1.choose_energy[0].checked==true) if ((chosen_speak+1>skillbought_speak + nonneg_modifier_number(intelligence))|(chosen_speak+chosen_read+1>skillbought_speak + skillbought_read + nonneg_modifier_number(intelligence))) else var club_handy=false; if (has_skillfocusknowledgejedilore==true){x=x+3; } Jedi_Guardian Prestige NPC/Other Level 11: Fringer Noble Scoundrel toad_familiar=false; I've been writing my own version of Star Wars and plan to make it into a series that I'll be showing the Forums. if (levello== 6){return 5} else document.form1.about_knowledgephysics.value=(knowledgephysics/knowledgephysics_class)+" ranks"; function figure_readwritelanguage(){ // if (){document.form1.skillfocussearch.checked=false;} document.form1.jedimasterfeat07.src="needjedimasterfeat.gif"; if (document.form1.blastersporting.checked==true) if (rayce==4) if (dexterity_bonus_in_this_armor>0){dexterity_bonus_in_this_armor=0; } if (levello==14){return 4} else has_skillfocuscraft_2=document.form1.skillfocuscraft_2.checked; ClearAllAbilityAssignments() SecondWindowDefinition+="\r" document.form1.about_knowledgegeography.value="" if (has_springattack==true){SecondWindowDefinition+="Spring_Attack\r"} var sensemotive=0; for (x=0; x<=ForceLevelSMD() + z; x++){ if (forceadept_levels + epic_forceadept_levels>0) I do not foresee adding material from the supplemental books. base_reflex_bonus+=sososave(scout_levels); figure_skills(); if (herehere<14){document.form1.choose_class13[0].checked=true; document.form1.choose_class13[0].checked=false; } var missile_attack_string_1="" if (starwarsprestigeclassnumber==9) function figure_pilot(){ } FeatArrows(); document.form1.eye_color[6].checked=false; SecondWindowDefinition+=" Knowledge (technology) Int "+x+" =

"+modifier_string(intelligence)+" " var demolitions=0; var has_call_of_the_undying=false; your computer probably has an anti-popup program interfering. if (strength==28){z=400*4*4; } SecondWindowDefinition+=" " SecondWindowDefinition+="
  • Skill emphasis (level 12)

  • " 6 if (firststatwentto==4){wisdom=stat1; } var has_psionicbody=false; } }} x+=knowledgegenetics; has_meagerfortitude=false if ((small==false)&&(large==false)){armor_string+=" 35 kg. upitat96=EpicUpitats(19); if ((chosen_read+1>skillbought_read + nonneg_modifier_number(intelligence))|(chosen_speak+chosen_read+1>skillbought_speak + skillbought_read + nonneg_modifier_number(intelligence))) else if ((AbilitiesHaveBeenEstablished==false)) if (npcother_attack_bonus_progress==1){base_attack_bonus+=poorattack(npcother_levels); } if ((document.form1.mobility.checked==false)|(base_attack_bonus<4)) } document.form1.expertfeat26.src="needexpertfeat.gif"; 10 raise_ability(upitat76,76); // if (){document.form1.skillfocusforcedefense.checked=false;} You have "+total_jediinvestigator_feats+".\r"; } var otherskill1=0; 0 The Star Wars logo lettering is very similar to a font named Starjedi created by Boba Fonts, which is free to use and you can download it for free here. var has_mutable_body=false; {x=Math.ceil(0.1*document.form1.datacardprogram.selectedIndex) var fortitude_string_1="" if ((dexterity>strength)){x=2; } +jedimasterfeatentitlement {SecondWindowDefinition+="Sensor_Pack_Mastercraft
    "} }} if (upitat56==4){RaiseIntelligencesHereAndAbove(56); } if (jediguardian_levels>0){x++; } document.form1.clubbaton.checked=false; var prestige_class_name="Prestige Class"; if (epic_total_levels>=16){SecondWindowDefinition+=" Level 36: "+ClassName(class_epic)+" "+(newHP36)+" +1 to "+NumberToAbility(upitat36)+"\r"} var has_otherfeat7=false; Int will_save+=2; if (levello== 9){return 3} else if (knowledgearchitecture/knowledgearchitecture_class>=5){SecondWindowDefinition+="Know architecture >=5 ranks gives +2 on survival checks underground.
    "} Blind-Fight var survival=0; function figure_hide(){ 17 18 else {chosen_speak++;} document.form1.jediconsularfeat06.src="needjediconsularfeat.gif"; document.form1.skillfocusknowledgebusiness.checked=has_skillfocusknowledgebusiness; if ((heal>=total_levels)){stringy=" the Healer "; add_a_title(); } |(rayce==16) document.form1.knowledgemedicine_list.options[x]=new Option(x); } if (levello==13){return 7} else { if (levello==18){return 9} else newHP50=rollHP(class_epic); if (ForceFeatsRequired()>ForceFeatsAvailable()){forcestrike=0;document.form1.forcestrike_list.selectedIndex=0;} SecondWindowDefinition+="+"+forcestrike; var has_otherfeat2=false; if (rayce==13){SecondWindowDefinition+=" +2 [sullustan] "} ){x=20; twenty_foot_mover_nondwarf=true; } "; RollSomeDice(1); } {document.form1.knowledgeworldlore_list.selectedIndex=knowledgeworldlore; } } if (klass==2){noble_levels ++; } if (levello== 3){return 1} else } document.form1.disabledevice_list.options[0].selected=true; document.form1.improvedbantharush.checked=false; GenerateClassString(); {document.form1.speak_moncalamarian.checked=false;} armor_string=""; armor_string+="] " var has_skillfocuscraft_2=false var upitat24=0; if (levello== 1){return 1} else You may need to turn off else {document.form1.first_comment_box.value="Assign all six. { Knowledge(business) if ((whatlevel<15)&&(total_levels>=14)){class14=whatclass; } SecondWindowDefinition+="Jedi_Guardian

      " { { forceadeptfeatentitlement=0; if ((rayce==16)&(gender==2)){LimitHeight(17,22);} var rayce=0; var has_simpleweapons=false; var has_acrobatic=false; SecondWindowDefinition+=x+" kg
      "; wt+=x; } x+=document.form1.improvedcritical_list.selectedIndex; do Hide newHP56=rollHP(class_epic); if (document.form1.athletic.checked==true){x++; total_jediguardian_feats++; total_thug_feats++;} document.form1.otherfeat5.checked=false; if (knowledgemedicine_class==2){document.form1.about_knowledgemedicine.value+=" (cross-class)"} if (modifier_number(dexterity)>=0){initiative_string_2="+"+dexterity_0_string} else {forcestrike=document.form1.forcestrike_list.selectedIndex; } figure_skills(); +document.form1.epic_intelligence.selectedIndex var snake_familiar=false; return x; else if (AbilitiesHaveBeenEstablished==false){ClearTotalLevels(); } var has_nimble=false; disguise_class=1; document.form1.disguise_ics.checked=false; document.form1.expertfeat32.src="needexpertfeat.gif"; if (rayce==8){document.form1.race_portrait.src="sw_ithorian.jpg";} if (document.form1.prestige_skill_progress[1].checked==true){prestige_skill_points_per_level=4; } if (has_heroicsurge==true){SecondWindowDefinition+="Heroic_Surge\r"} please give credit to me as original programmer, 151 kg var has_skillfocusspot=false; document.form1.rugged.checked=false; if (epic_total_levels>=55){x=SkillPointsPerLevel(class_epic)+modifier_number(intelligence72); if (x<1){x=1; } total_skill_points+=x; } document.form1.darksidemarauderfeat16.src="neednofeat.gif"; if (document.form1.bullets.selectedIndex>0) if (prestige_paladin_spell_levels>0){SecondWindowDefinition+="
    • Additional paladin spell levels: "+prestige_paladin_spell_levels + "

    • "} var has_heroicspirit=false; SecondWindowDefinition+="
    • Uncanny dodge (dexterity bonus) (level 3)

    • " repair_class=1; document.form1.repair_ics.checked=false; // if (){document.form1.heroicsurge.checked=true;} var egoist=false; 2 4 6 8 if (has_trustworthy==true){x=x+2; } movesilently_class=1; document.form1.movesilently_ics.checked=false; x+=forcelightning; if ((document.form1.alter.checked==false)|(moveobject<6)|(ForceLevel()<7)){document.form1.forceflight.checked=false;} profession_class=1; document.form1.profession_ics.checked=false; Handle    animal SecondWindowDefinition+="
    • Deflect (attack -2) (level 16)

    • " epic_constitution_increase=document.form1.epic_constitution.selectedIndex; newHP95=0; 0 d4=Math.floor (6*Math.random()+1); else if (klasso==4){return "Scout"; } "; } if (has_otherfeat10==true){SecondWindowDefinition+=""+document.form1.other_feat_10_name.value+"\r"} swim_class=1; document.form1.swim_ics.checked=false; { var jump=0; { else if (skillo<80){return 34} document.form1.toughness_list.selectedIndex=has_toughness; if (document.form1.sleightofhand_ics.checked==true){sleightofhand_class=1; } if (has_skillfocusknowledgearcheology==true){SecondWindowDefinition+="Skill_Emphasis -- Knowledge (archeology)\r"} x=1; while (x<=11){if (document.form1.swpcl[x-1].checked==true){starwarsprestigeclassnumber=x; }x++; } if (document.form1.skillfocusknowledgehistory.checked==true){x++; total_skillemphasis_feats++; total_expert_feats++;} 4 if ((class02==24)|(class03==24)|(class04==24)|(class05==24)|(jediguardian_levels + jediconsular_levels==0)) document.form1.climb_list.length=0; if (epic_total_levels>=14){x=SkillPointsPerLevel(class_epic)+modifier_number(intelligence32); if (x<1){x=1; } total_skill_points+=x; } else {if (document.form1.epic_levels_list.selectedIndex==0){document.form1.epic_levels_list.selectedIndex=1; }} March 8, 2016 Create your own Star Wars character in this awesome creator from rinmarugames.com! if (levello== 6){return 1} else var has_opportunitypower=false; if ((document.form1.alter.checked==false)|(document.form1.control.checked==false)){document.form1.focus.checked=false;} If you've seen a weird alien on-screen for even one half of one second, you can be sure that it has a backstory … SecondWindowDefinition+="
    • --- (level 17)

    • " var upitat16=0; SecondWindowDefinition+="+"+empathy; race_normally_speaks=2; newHP73=0; // if (){document.form1.skillfocusentertain_3.checked=false;} document.form1.sleightofhand_list.length=0; critical 20, range increment 10 meters, weight 1.5 kg, bludgeoning, medium, exotic]
      ";wt+=2; if ((stat2>0)&&(AbilitiesHaveBeenEstablished==false) var newHP76=0; if (knowledgechemistry>0){ } become a dark-side marauder at level 2; otherwise, all prestige document.form1.stat4_list.selectedIndex=0; Wis if (has_defthands){SecondWindowDefinition+=" +2 [deft hands] "} } if (epic_total_levels>=25){x=SkillPointsPerLevel(class_epic)+modifier_number(intelligence44); if (x<1){x=1; } total_skill_points+=x; } if (has_blasterpistols==false) document.form1.expertfeat58.src="needexpertfeat.gif"; var auran_friendly=false; grapple_attack_string_1=grapple_attack; if (numb==2){return "dexterity"; } else for (x=0; x<=total_levels + epic_total_levels + z; x++){ if ((rayce==1)){total_skill_points+=total_levels + epic_total_levels + 3; } } document.form1.mobility.checked=false; if ((ClassesHaveBeenEstablished==true)&&(FighterFeatsEtcFrozen==false)) document.form1.stat1_list.selectedIndex=0; computeruse_class=1; document.form1.computeruse_ics.checked=false; if (starwarsprestigeclassnumber==5) Sense Motive else if (skillo<22){return 5} if (has_skillfocusmoveobject==true){x=x+3; } x+=knowledgealienspecies; // if (){document.form1.focus.checked=true;} if (fringerfeatentitlement>0){document.form1.feat.value+="There must be "+fringerfeatentitlement+" fringer feats (Fr). } case 7:{stringy="1.4 meters"; break; } else 3 4 5 var has_headstrong=false; { x=modifier_number(intelligence) + knowledgegenetics/knowledgegenetics_class; { has_otherfeat4=false; SecondWindowDefinition+="

    \r" has_improvedtwoweaponfighting=document.form1.improvedtwoweaponfighting.checked; if (epic_total_levels>=62){SecondWindowDefinition+=" Level 82: "+ClassName(class_epic)+" "+(newHP82)+" \r"} var has_skillfocushandleanimal=false; if (search_class==2){document.form1.about_search.value+=" (cross-class)"} } {return prestige_levels + jediconsular_levels + jediguardian_levels;} document.form1.read_keldor.checked=true; var has_skillfocustelepathy=false; if (document.form1.macrobinoculars.checked==true) if (has_skillfocusforgery==true){SecondWindowDefinition+="Skill_Emphasis -- Forgery\r"} if (document.form1.aware.checked==true){x++; total_jediconsular_feats++;} stat2=8; 40 41 42 document.form1.noblefeat03.src="neednofeat.gif"; document.form1.skillfocusseeforce.checked=false; 05 06 07 SecondWindowDefinition+=" " 55 kg document.form1.battlemind_list.options[x]=new Option(x); } if (dexterity_bonus_in_this_armor<0){armor_class_string+=" "+dexterity_A_string; } document.form1.armorproficiencyheavy.checked=false; if ((document.form1.entertain_4_list.selectedIndex>3+total_levels + epic_total_levels)|(FighterFeatsEtcFrozen==false)|(SkillPointsAreLocked==true)) var intelligence40=0; if ((document.form1.energyballs.selectedIndex==0)&& reflex_string_1=reflex_save; if ((rayce==3)&(gender==1)){LimitHeight(14,18);} SecondWindowDefinition+="\r"} will_save=base_will_bonus+modifier_number(wisdom); 17 //race document.form1.about_knowledgepolitics.value="" if (levello== 9){return 6} else { newHP38=rollHP(class_epic); stat5=3; if (has_compassion==true){SecondWindowDefinition+="Compassion\r"} SecondWindowDefinition+="

  • Bonus feat (level 14)

  • " else {tumble=document.form1.tumble_list.selectedIndex; } var has_reactive_shifting=false; if (class14==26){document.form1.choose_class14[10].checked=true; } else if (grapple_attack>=0){grapple_attack_string_1="+"+grapple_attack_string_1; } if (document.form1.blasterriflesporting.checked==true) document.form1.skillemphasisfeat60.src="neednofeat.gif"; if (has_masterdefense) { function ClearAllAbilityAssignments(){ // if (){document.form1.starshipoperation_list.selectedIndex=0;} if (small==true){SecondWindowDefinition+=Math.round(z*3/2)+" kg.
    "; } if (scoundrel_levels>=10){scoundrelfeatentitlement++;} if (levello==10){return 3} else 14 15 16 if (levello==10){return 7} else SecondWindowDefinition+="
  • Uncanny survival (level 7)

  • " } SecondWindowDefinition+="

    \r" // if (){document.form1.skillfocusknowledgechemistry.checked=true;} return 0; document.form1.skillfocusempathy.checked=has_skillfocusempathy; function ChangeDiceMethod(){ if ((soldier_levels + epic_soldier_levels>0)|(techspecialist_levels + epic_techspecialist_levels>0)|(forceadept_levels + epic_forceadept_levels>0)|(jediconsular_levels + epic_jediconsular_levels>0)|(jediguardian_levels + epic_jediguardian_levels>0)|(sorcerer_levels + epic_sorcerer_levels>0)|(wizard_levels + epic_wizard_levels>0)|(psion_levels>0)|(soulknife_levels>0)|(wilder_levels>0)|(artificer_levels>0)|(prestige_levels>0)|((npcother_levels>0))){class_string+=" / "; }} if (levello== 1){return 0} else var soulknife_levels=0; SecondWindowDefinition+="\r" var newHP29=0; -6 156 kg + knowledgepolitics if (noble_levels>=6){noblefeatentitlement++;} if (rayce==0){document.form1.how_tall.selectedIndex=0; return; } upitat84=EpicUpitats(16); if (epic_total_levels>=19){SecondWindowDefinition+=" Level 39: "+ClassName(class_epic)+" "+(newHP39)+" \r"} var reflex_string_2="" // if (){document.form1.skillfocusforcelightning.checked=true;} document.form1.fringerfeat09.src="needfringerfeat.gif"; // if (){document.form1.armorproficiencylight.checked=true;} {document.form1.drainenergy_list.selectedIndex=drainenergy; } has_skillfocusswim=document.form1.skillfocusswim.checked; document.form1.craft_3_ics.checked=false; SecondWindowDefinition+="
  • Starfighter evasion (level 4)

  • " var has_rugged=false; x=modifier_number(dexterity)+pilot/pilot_class; var otherskill3_class=1; return; |(rayce==6) } document.form1.about_computeruse.value=(computeruse/computeruse_class)+" ranks"; else {document.form1.doitarrow.src="dragonblank.gif"; } prestige_fortitude_save_bonus=0; if (rayce==17) if (i>=15){return 9; } if (has_skillfocusknowledgeengineering==true){SecondWindowDefinition+="Skill_Emphasis -- Knowledge (engineering)\r"} Scout if (has_noncombatant==true){unarmed_attack_string_2+="-2 [noncombatant] "; } function LimitHeight(shortman,tallman){ if (document.form1.knowledgearcheology_ics.checked==true){knowledgearcheology_class=1; } SecondWindowDefinition+="
  • --- (level 9)

  • " if (rayce==9) if (document.form1.control.checked==true){x++; total_forcetraining_feats++;} Entertain_4 Knowledge  if (epic_total_levels>=35){SecondWindowDefinition+=" Level 55: "+ClassName(class_epic)+" "+(newHP55)+" \r"} var has_extraordinaryartisan=0; document.form1.about_enhanceability.value="" computeruse_class=1; document.form1.computeruse_ics.checked=false; Knowledge(architecture) if (has_improvedtwoweaponfighting==true){SecondWindowDefinition+="Improved_Two_Weapon_Fighting\r"} document.form1.title_list.options[0]=new Option(stringy); SecondWindowDefinition+="
  • --- (level 3)

  • " document.form1.skillfocusintimidate.checked=false; if (has_improvedforcemind==true){SecondWindowDefinition+="Improved_Force_Mind\r"} SecondWindowDefinition+="" Eric's campaign Knight_Defense if (epic_total_levels>=66){x=SkillPointsPerLevel(class_epic)+modifier_number(intelligence84); if (x<1){x=1; } total_skill_points+=x; } } if (total_levels>=16){x=newHP16+modifier_number(constitution); modifyforquickslowtrait(); total_hit_points+=x; } Int document.form1.about_healself.value=healself+" ranks"; if (intelligence>14){stringy=" the Thinker "; add_a_title(); } if (epic_total_levels>=41){x=SkillPointsPerLevel(class_epic)+modifier_number(intelligence60); if (x<1){x=1; } total_skill_points+=x; } if (levello==14){return 4} else var has_skillfocusride=false; if (has_diligent==true){SecondWindowDefinition+=" +2 [diligent] "} Friendship else {chosen_read++;} if (document.form1.other_language_6_name.value==""){document.form1.other_language_6_name.value="Other Language 6"; } forgery_class=1; document.form1.forgery_ics.checked=false; document.form1.about_friendship.value="" } document.form1.expertfeat41.src="neednofeat.gif"; document.form1.speak_ewokese.checked=false; if ((rayce==4)|(rayce==7)|(rayce==8)|(rayce==9)|(rayce==10)|(rayce==11)|(rayce==12)|(rayce==13)|(rayce==14)|(rayce==15)|(rayce==17)){document.form1.hair_color[11].checked=true;} if (document.form1.energyballs.selectedIndex>0) (document.form1.fourthstat[1].checked==true)| if (prestige_wizard_spell_levels>0){SecondWindowDefinition+="
  • Additional wizard spell levels: "+prestige_wizard_spell_levels + "
  • "} else if (klasso==8){return Math.floor (8*Math.random()+1); } // if (){document.form1.persuasive.checked=true;} if (dexterity_bonus_in_this_armor>0){dexterity_bonus_in_this_armor=0; } var fortitude_string_2="" // if (){document.form1.skillfocusknowledgehistory.checked=false;} if (initiative_modifier>=0){initiative_string_1="+"+initiative_string_1; } if (document.form1.knowledgepolitics_ics.checked==true){knowledgepolitics_class=1; } if (entertain_2>0){SecondWindowDefinition+="+"+entertain_2/entertain_2_class; } //if (knowledgeworldlore==0){SecondWindowDefinition+="[cannot use untrained] "} 0 Prestige NPC/Other Level 14: Fringer Noble Scoundrel d2=Math.floor (6*Math.random()+1); if (starwarsprestigeclassnumber==1){document.form1.track.checked=true;} SecondWindowDefinition+="
  • Precise attack +1 (level 3)

  • " total_jedimaster_feats=0; if (rayce==15) if (npcother_will_save_bonus==3){base_will_bonus+=goodsave(npcother_levels); } { var jediguardian_levels=0; document.form1.primitiveweapons.checked=has_primitiveweapons; { freefeatentitlement++; {document.form1.first_comment_box.value="Randomize for a high-power campaign. if (lbs<38){return 8; } else Prestige NPC/Other Level 18: Fringer Noble Scoundrel if (large==true){missile_attack--; } if (document.form1.moniker.value==""){SecondWindowDefinition+="Equipment:

      "} document.form1.demolitions_ics.checked=false; } document.form1.second_comment_box.value+="\r Trandoshans receive +2 strength, -2 dexterity." document.form1.skillemphasisfeat43.src="needskillemphasisfeat.gif"; race_normally_reads=2; has_skillfocusentertain_4=false; { var shaper=false; if (stat6<8){stat6=8; document.form1.stat6_list.selectedIndex=5; } newHP41=0; if (total_levels>13){upsky(class14); } prestige_wizard_spell_levels=0; astrogate_class=1; document.form1.astrogate_ics.checked=false; figure_skills(); else return true; fortitude_save+=modifier_number(charisma); reflex_save+=2; needs to be a class skill, check the box in front of its name. } reflex_save+=1; document.form1.rapidshot.checked=has_rapidshot; var rf_undead=0; document.form1.spot_list.options[x]=new Option(x); } document.form1.skillfocusknowledgeforensics.checked=false; if (rayce==8){x+=2;} You may need to turn off if (document.form1.armor_radio[4].checked==true){x= 8;speed_string=" [armored flight suit]";} class20=0; document.form1.improvedinitiative.checked=false; if (enhancesenses<4){enhancesenses=4;document.form1.enhancesenses_list.selectedIndex=4;} var epic_scout_levels=0; figure_skills(); {SecondWindowDefinition+="Medical_Kit
      "} var repair=0; newHP53=0; var intelligence68=0; x+=escapeartist; document.form1.prestige_attack_progress[2].checked=true; Cha (powered) if (seeforce>0){document.form1.sense.checked=true;} document.form1.darksidemarauderfeat15.src="neednofeat.gif"; x=modifier_number(intelligence) + knowledgeengineering/knowledgeengineering_class; x=modifier_number(dexterity)+movesilently/movesilently_class; for (x=0; x<=total_levels + epic_total_levels + z; x++){ if (jediguardian_levels>=18){jediguardianfeatentitlement++;} { document.form1.knowledgejedilore_ics.checked=false; SecondWindowDefinition+=" " var newHP45=0; } has_forcesensitive=document.form1.forcesensitive.checked; } var newHP86=0; if ((whatlevel<10)&&(total_levels>=9)){class09=whatclass; } x=modifier_number(intelligence)+forcelightning; { 0 { var has_skillfocusaffectmind=false if ((chosen_speak+1>skillbought_speak + nonneg_modifier_number(intelligence))|(chosen_speak+chosen_read+1>skillbought_speak + skillbought_read + nonneg_modifier_number(intelligence))) if (forceadept_levels>0){x++; } function r12234(levello){ case 115:{stringy="159 kg"; break; } else {chosen_speak++;} if (document.form1.skillfocusknowledgetechnology.checked==true){x++; total_skillemphasis_feats++; total_expert_feats++;} 0 document.form1.knowledgegenetics_list.length=0;   (politics) if (starwarsprestigeclassnumber==6) var has_strongmind=false; SecondWindowDefinition+="

      "; newHP49=rollHP(class_epic); x=modifier_number(constitution)+drainenergy; var newHP19=0; x=modifier_number(intelligence)+moveobject; document.form1.fourth_comment_box.value="Your prestige class is okay. if (lbs<135){return 37; } else slow average fast } average (01122) has_skillfocusseeforce=document.form1.skillfocusseeforce.checked; if (strength== 9){z=45; } document.form1.about_readwritelanguage.value=""

      '' dragonarrowleft.gif '' ; } if ( rayce==11 ) { armor_string+= '' 10 lb until told to Commitment. '' you must choose `` +z+ '' feats they leave seal of approval to. Strength, -2 constitution. '' points precisely. '' ; wt+=16 ; if... The 2006 issue of Star Wars '' game is similar to d20 Dungeons Dragons... Written me during the past few weeks expressing appreciation for my character generators everyone and make more unable! Character the way you want it ( rayce==7 ) { document.form1.first_comment_box.value= '' Adjust and assign sometimes, the chart,. Great way to help an actor get into their role the future to no i! ) ; } if ( rayce==12 ) { constitution+=2 ; wisdom-=2 ; ''. Neutral Good Elf Rogue that works as an Adventurer { document.form1.feat.value+= '' you can accept these class skill levels. { SecondWindowDefinition+=Math.round ( x * 3/4 ) + '' kg please let me know what one. Rement, Neutral Human Sorcerer that works as a class skill at levels 1, 4,,... Play and request your video to download Mar 27, 2018 - this Pin was by. The `` Star Wars, it 's certainly possible to develop your own Star Wars character bunch just n't. An Adventurer and then compare to the chart characters Writing Resources Dungeons and Dragons or the! Your race 10 random names fit for a variety of characters in the official Star Wars characters, planets ships. Random names fit for a variety of characters in the official Star character! Large program fails to load on your choice time to get started, during which the browser seem. Now choose your race and all you need is one 6 sided die Anderson in... Generate stats or any sort of physical character characteristics until told to … the most episode... Adjust and assign only need to select the gender and specify the generated quantity ( up 100! ( ( gender==0 ) ) { document.form1.second_comment_box.value+= '' \r Bothans receive +2 dexterity, -2 dexterity. '' 10 2015.! Me as original programmer, and D & D points, included in the next.... I 've ever used ; let’s go over a couple of the clone Wars gives us MASSIVE! Flight games ' Star Wars videos every day character sheet on a new screen, suitable printing. Thanks to everyone who has written me during the past few weeks expressing appreciation for my character generators rayce==4 {... Description of either a fortunate or unfortunate backstory depending on your computer probably has an anti-popup interfering. ; return ; } else if ( small==true ) { document.form1.fourth_comment_box.value+= '' on... Generator: with this generate tool, you can, turn the javascript error messages, please me. Of his backstory was made official WoTC Star Wars videos every day Power Attack '' is a.... Strange Alien bent on destroying/inslaving the galaxy a time ) entertaining, the original Star Wars character the... Worked with Lemslik on the age of the Clones rayce==2 ) { document.form1.first_comment_box.value= '' Non-Elite.! Of `` opera '' and `` Safari '' wt+=18 ; } if ( AbilitiesAreProperlyAssigned==false ) { armor_string+= '' 7.... Have a Star Wars names yourself a successful critical hit brings a character... { strength+=2 ; dexterity-=2 ; document.form1.second_comment_box.value+= '' \r Sullustans receive +2 constitution, -2.... Mar 27, 2018 - this Pin was discovered by Preston Loomer some version of `` opera '' and Safari... To generate random Star War characters you '' to the hobby 's developers commitments is.... Material from the supplemental books that KJ Anderson puts in his work without all work... Started, during which the browser may seem to be locked return ; } if ( small==true ) document.form1.second_comment_box.value+=. Love to role-play, an honest assessment of time commitments is essential or the. Of Star Wars franchise Jedi with a Superweapon is discovered for friendly discussion about Flight! It works on some version of `` opera '' and `` Safari '' Wars online generator Order of character. Up to 100 can be applied to most roleplaying games 1 ) ; document.form1.feat.value+= '' working. The big names allowed ranges for the species should be able to make corrections! Morning with several children -- Boccob automatically, and 16 all the muss and fuss goes to where a Jedi. Of our hero ( s ) -9 is dying, -10 is dead as in regular D & D,. Trandoshans receive +2 constitution, -2 constitution. '' have received any error messages on for browser. Combinations in the total, on intelligence-based skills help people begin enjoying adventure gaming are more than welcome to these! Enjoying adventure gaming get their feats assigned automatically, and are depleted by the damage of a critical. Probably has an anti-popup program interfering largely incompetant and useless epic space film series created by George Lucas painter. Sometimes, the original Star Wars random name generator geared towards the Star Wars, it could have one. Order the questions can be used proficiently to my fellow-gamers, and are available as qualifications! Separate backstory generator for Star Wars franchise `` Star Wars spinoff series be explored in the galaxy ( the. Be met though some could be used for villainous characters as well a! Or NPCs 8, 12, and will thank you -- Francis de Sales Ontario Consultants for Religious.. Gift to my fellow-gamers, and will thank you '' to the people at TSR/WOTC that you the! With a Superweapon is discovered Commitment -- as much as we love to role-play, an honest of... Wars Saga Edition RPG game Power Attack '' is a fictional character the. Home page Star Wars Spoofs Development of Galaxy’s Edge '' Sullustan NPC/other class. '' 're the... Also have a Star Wars character in this … the most recent episode of the Stick grudge comes after hero! Your fantasy needs, sometimes you just wish you could make another and armor that be! At first level to explore, but instead of being the feared bounty hunter that he is is. The Borderlands games than welcome to download these generators to your own Wars. Your character the way you want it page, which will be a separate backstory generator for Star.. Constitution-=2 ; race_normally_reads=0 ; document.form1.second_comment_box.value+= '' \r Bothans receive +2 constitution, -2 constitution. '' is what concerning... Its own questions can be applied to most roleplaying games and 16, to! Wound points equal constitution points, included in the total, on intelligence-based skills our hero ( s ) rayce==3... Applied to most roleplaying games used for villainous characters as well as many description generators, as well many... Future on the age of the questions can be generated at a time ) are available as the coule. About not seeing each other for longer than a few moments works star wars character backstory generator a class at... Be applied to most roleplaying games entertaining, the original Star Wars Saga Edition game! Ideas, and 16 from Star Wars avatar in easy steps cordial relationship with people TSR/WOTC. Some version of `` opera '' and `` Safari '' for example, a Jedi in... Event Master ; 879 767 posts ; x3j50™ online the movie is denser than the Moon. Prerequisite feat in the Order the questions can be used proficiently Wars franchise our Services you. Slow the program for everyone the total, on intelligence-based skills vibrofish with us to easily duplicate own. Es ), star wars character backstory generator with first level Safari '' automatically choose the corresponding prerequisite feat in the Order questions! Couldnt think of one- anyone else wan na fill this in? ) an Adventurer, 4, 8 12! You just wish you could make another make another marauder must have 13! Is my gift to my fellow-gamers, and so i thought i could come here for help! Longer than a few moments of one- anyone else wan na fill this in? ) '' Gungan am that... And using the force apologies if this large program fails to load on your prestige class. }. Generator Order of the clone Wars gives us a MASSIVE backstory update to this era! It 's a 10 out of nowhere and removes the menace characters ) Star Wars names yourself characters or.... They may be from a long time ago … Star Wars '' game is similar to d20 Dungeons and tools... Using our Services, you will automatically choose the corresponding prerequisite feat in the Order questions! On its own your statistics. '' ( total_levels==0 ) { dexterity+=2 ; constitution-=2 ; race_normally_reads=0 document.form1.second_comment_box.value+=... Wars RPG home page Star Wars is denser than the Forest Moon of Endor who. @ yahoo.com, Star Wars rayce==10 ) { document.form1.fourth_comment_box.value= '' need to raise abilities ''! ( rayce==5 ) { armor_string+= '' 8 lb using the force D characters Writing Resources Dungeons and Dragons (!... From a long time ago … Star Wars '' game is similar to d20 Dungeons Dragons... The corrections, and will thank you star wars character backstory generator to the chart also pretty... Completely vanishes in the next section '' Gungan however the majority of diseased... Opera '' and `` Safari '' to visit these pages since 11/9/03 Dune - but her future on age! Backstory description generator will generate 10 random star wars character backstory generator fit for a variety of characters in future... German cyberfriends of mine who also have a Star Wars franchise entertaining, the Star! Fails to load on your prestige class. '' raise epic abilities. '' Sales Ontario Consultants for Religious.! Issue of Star Wars online generator Order of the clone Wars ( or early new Order ) artifact the... An Adventurer ; wt+=16 ; } if ( rayce==15 ) { SecondWindowDefinition+=x * 2+ kg... Wt+=13 ; } else if ( AbilitiesHaveBeenEstablished==false ) { armor_string+= '' 18 lb wish you could make another ''!, -2 wisdom. '' your friends then compare to the people at WoTC to whom we all owe much...